Program Advisor

Merribeth Morin serves as a program advisor to MVI's Research and Development Unit. In this role, she reviews assays used for assessing immune responses to malaria and assists in refining and improving them to ensure consistency among the various laboratories that perform the work. Consistency in assay results is imperative to ensure the best possible assessment of malaria-vaccine candidates.

Merribeth has a number of years of experience in the biotechnology industry, many of them spent developing and validating assays used for biosafety and product release testing. She has assisted many companies and organizations with the design of safety testing strategies for regulatory submissions, both to US and European agencies.

She holds a PhD in virology from Harvard University, under the mentorship of Bernie Fields, as well as an MS in microbiology from Cornell University and a BS in biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Merribeth was also awarded an MBA from Northeastern University.