What we do

MVI advances vaccine development and use

We identify potentially promising malaria vaccine approaches and systematically move them through the development process. At the same time, we work to catalyze access to a successful malaria vaccine in the countries that need it most.

We establish strategic product development partnerships to develop promising malaria vaccine approaches, applying PATH’s Guiding Principles for Private-Sector Collaboration.

Our activities include:

  • Establishing partnerships to manufacture and produce malaria vaccine candidates.
  • Evaluating and managing intellectual property issues to overcome or avoid commercial barriers to vaccine development.
  • Developing clinical trial sites and conducting malaria vaccine clinical trials.
  • Developing and refining vaccine evaluation tools.
  • Assessing the demand for malaria vaccines.
  • Securing financing for malaria vaccines.
  • Supporting countries to strengthen decision-making processes in preparation for vaccine decisions.
  • Advocating around the need for a malaria vaccine and the need to increase global spending for malaria vaccine research and development.

Developing vaccines

To ensure the development of highly efficacious malaria vaccines, MVI maintains a vaccine project portfolio with a diversity of preclinical, translational (early clinical), and at least one advanced clinical project. To support our portfolio activities we are:

  • Continuing development activities for the vaccine candidate that is farthest along the development process.
  • Ensuring that all supported clinical evaluations are consistent with international standards.
  • Leading the development and maintenance of evaluation tools to comparatively assess candidate vaccines and better inform development decisions.
  • Considering practical aspects of vaccine supply, approval, and use during advanced clinical development.

Preparing the way

To catalyze access to a successful malaria vaccine in the countries that need it most, we are:

  • Laying the foundation for a competitive market environment for malaria vaccines.
  • Partnering with developing-country manufacturers to reduce costs.
  • Working to ensure financing of malaria vaccines.
  • Catalyzing processes and policies to minimize time between availability and use.

To engage malaria-endemic countries to ensure ownership and leadership in use of the vaccines at levels similar to coverage of other childhood immunizations, we are:

  • Supporting efforts to develop regulatory capacity in malaria-endemic countries.
  • Developing a foundation for informed, country-level decision-making regarding use of malaria vaccines.
  • Engaging communities to promote acceptance of malaria vaccines.