A first malaria vaccine would be used in addition to existing malaria control tools.

The global malaria vaccine community has provided guidance for developing highly efficacious malaria vaccines. An interim goal is to develop and license a first-generation vaccine that can prevent illness and death. A landmark goal for 2015 was to develop and license a first-generation malaria vaccine that has protective efficacy of more than 50 percent against severe disease and death, with protection lasting longer than one year. 
Given the modest efficacy expected, a first-generation malaria vaccine is intended to complement routine methods that countries use to prevent, diagnose, and treat malaria.  
GSK’s RTS,S (also known as MosquirixTM) is the malaria vaccine candidate that is most advanced in development globally.  In early 2014, MVI, GSK, and leading research centers in Africa completed Phase 3 clinical development of the vaccine candidate. RTS,S is currently moving through the policy and regulatory process.