About the malaria vaccine roadmap

Global strategy aims to accelerate vaccine development

The world’s leading international health organizations have developed a global strategy for accelerating the development and licensing of a highly effective malaria vaccine.

The plan is known as the Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap. It calls for the malaria vaccine community—scientists, funding organizations, policy experts, and national and global decision-makers—to develop an effective vaccine that prevents severe disease and death caused by Plasmodium falciparum, the most deadly form of the malaria parasite. The roadmap outlines a path toward:

  • Developing and licensing a first-generation vaccine by 2015 with 50 percent protective efficacy against severe disease and death that would last longer than one year.
  • Developing a malaria vaccine by 2025 that would have a protective efficacy of more than 80 percent against clinical disease and that would provide protection for longer than four years.

Click to download a full copy of the Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap (462 KB PDF) or download the executive summary (243 KB PDF).

The roadmap is currently being reviewed and updated. Read more about this process on WHO's website.