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Malaria vaccine news

  • R&D for neglected diseases reliant on just two donors, G-FINDER report warns

    Although funding for research and development into neglected diseases has increased for the first time in recent years, driven by investments from the United States, the Australia-based non-profit research group Policy Cures Research reports the sector was in danger of becoming overly reliant on United States government funding, as well as on funding from the Gates Foundation.

    14 Dec 2017
  • Saving the children: High hopes for a malaria vaccine

    The coming year will see the widespread testing of the first effective vaccine against Plasmodium falciparum, the parasite that causes the most deadly type of malaria. A malaria vaccineadded to bed nets, insecticides, and the judicious deployment of drugswould bring further pressure to bear on the disease, and would keep the death toll coming down for years to come.

    The Economist - The World In 2018
    6 Dec 2017
  • PATH, research institutes to test novel malaria vaccine in humans

    PATH, Radboud University Medical Center, and the Instituto de Medicina Molecular will conduct a first-in-human study using a genetically modified parasite to induce protection.

    6 Jun 2017

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