13 May 2013

This will be the 9th BioMalPar conference at EMBL Heidelberg, sponsored by the European Virtual Institute of Malaria Research (EVIMalaR). EVIMalaR is a Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Network of Excellence (NoE) project funded by the European Commission. 

Whilst distinct from its predecessor BioMalPar, EVIMalaR seeks to continue some of the best BioMalPar initiatives, including the annual meeting at EMBL. EVIMalaR is Europe’s biggest malaria research institute, involving 62 research groups from around the world and undertakes world-leading research into the malaria parasite and identifying targets for new drug therapies.

EVIMalaR’s membership includes partners from across Europe, African malaria endemic countries (Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa) and one Indian institute. The Australian Malaria Research Network also enjoys full membership.

Created in October 2009, EVIMalaR was established and will perpetuate the original BioMalPar (which formally ended in September 2009) vision of forming a European-wide virtual institute, enhancing cohesion between its component research groups.

EVIMalaR places a particular emphasis on its training role, and continues to support a high profile PhD scholarship, fellowships and travel awards. EVIMalaR aims also to ensure a broad dissemination of research results and enhance the public awareness through outreach, including the implementation of websites www.evimalar.org & www.malariacomic.com together with the organisation of annual conferences, training courses and meetings.