30 Sep 2010

African scientists and researchers are on the front lines of the struggle against malaria. Join us for a briefing at which scientists from Africa and from the organizations that support them will discuss their work to defeat a parasite that is both complex and adaptable. 

Professor Tsiri Agbenyega and Dr. Roma Chilengi, two researchers leading clinical trials in Kenya and Ghana, will discuss their work investigating the world’s leading malaria vaccine candidate, RTS,S. Clinical trials are currently underway in seven African countries and will enroll up to 16,000 young children and infants. RTS,S is the first malaria vaccine candidate to advance to this stage of development.

Dr. Steve Chapman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Population Services International (PSI), will discuss ACTwatch, a five-year, multi-country research project to better understand the evolution of antimalarial markets. Dr. Chapman will describe African researchers' roles in implementing this project, and discuss project findings on the price, availability, retailer perceptions and volumes of malaria drugs.