Partnering with us

We support and advance a range of vaccine approaches

Collaborations Venn DiagramMVI works with partners in private industry, government, and academia to develop safe and effective vaccines for malaria. We are pursuing new business initiatives and vaccine development collaborations to further strengthen our malaria vaccine pipeline.

Partnering with us may include the following:

  • Developing combinations of antigens. We believe that combining pre-erythrocytic and blood-stage antigens offers a high probability of success.
  • Identifying new immunopotentiators and delivery platforms. New and safe immunopotentiators are needed to enhance the magnitude and duration of immune responses to recombinant malaria vaccines. There is also a need for new vaccine platforms that utilize improved methods of vaccine delivery to the desired targets inside the human body.
  • Developing evaluation technologies. We are eager to direct resources toward developing new and refined assays to efficiently and consistently assess the potential effectiveness of vaccine candidates.

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