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Our structures and processes support data-driven decision-making.

A range of structures and processes move MVI’s research and development (R&D) strategy forward. These governance structures support data-driven decision-making, with an emphasis on clear roles and responsibilities, effective communication of decisions, and a commitment to transparency.

The following bodies—Leadership Team, Portfolio Management Committee, Vaccine Science Portfolio Advisory Council, and Technical Advisory Groups—provide input into the ongoing internal and external assessment of MVI’s investment in vaccine candidates:

Leadership Team

The MVI Leadership Team oversees MVI's operations and sets overall strategy, including decisions regarding MVI’s portfolio and related activities.

Portfolio Management Committee

A committee of internal experts oversees MVI’s product pipeline. Through consensus decision-making, the Portfolio Management Committee (PMC) oversees the entire portfolio of R&D projects, including—with the leadership team—vaccine projects.  The PMC's portfolio investment decisions allow MVI to maintain a diversity of vaccine projects throughout the development process. 

Vaccine Science Portfolio Advisory Council 

As part of a carefully developed portfolio review process, MVI makes use of a Vaccine Science Portfolio Advisory Council (VSPAC). The VSPAC is a permanent and independent external group that comprises eminent malaria scientists, vaccinologists, and public health and industry representatives. The VSPAC meets at least once a year to provide strategic input and advice on MVI’s portfolio and overall R&D program.  Read about our VSPAC members.

Technical Advisory Groups 

MVI makes routine use of technical advisory groups (TAGs), which comprise external experts in malaria, vaccine development, immunology, industry, and clinical trial design and evaluation. TAGs may be convened at key points throughout the life cycle of a vaccine project, including prior to project initiation, in response to new or important data, and at the request of MVI’s internal Portfolio Management Committee.  See some of our most recent TAG members.