Clinical Research Program Officer

Deborah Scott is a program officer within MVI’s Clinical Unit. Focusing on early clinical trials, she manages clinical aspects of Phase 1/2 vaccine trials with MVI partners. Along with the MVI IRB coordinator, Deborah ensures timely submission of protocols and protocol amendments to Institutional Review Boards. Her other responsibilities include participation in maintaining internal tracking tools, conducting on-site assessments of clinical trial sites, reviewing technical documents from key partners, assisting with the annual budgeting and negotiations for clinical trial activities, and authoring clinical portions of progress reports.

Deborah’s prior experience includes working directly with clinical trial participants on several trials as a study coordinator; managing the day-to-day operations of a trial as project coordinator; and coordinating the writing, development, and implementation of protocols as a clinical trials specialist. Palliative care, oncology, emphysema, ophthalmology, and HIV served as the focuses of the trials Deborah worked on prior to joining MVI.

Deborah holds a master's degree in education from Johns Hopkins University.