Scientific Advisor, Deputy AIV Priority Area Head

Ulrike (Ulli) Wille-Reece brings to MVI extensive experience in the design and immunological assessment of novel vaccine candidates. She has particular expertise in prime-boost immunization strategies using an array of delivery technologies, including adjuvanted recombinant proteins, viral vectors, and plasmid DNA. Her strong cellular immunology background is instrumental to critically evaluating novel vaccine candidates and immunization regimens in MVI's vaccine portfolio.

Prior to joining MVI, Ulli served six years as a research fellow in Dr. Robert Seder's group at the Vaccine Research Center at NIAID/NIH, where she worked on the development and preclinical evaluation of various novel HIV vaccine platforms. While working with Dr. Seder, she gained extensive knowledge in dendritic cell targeting, vaccine delivery, and evaluation of vaccine candidates in rodent and non-human primate models.

Ulli holds a PhD in biochemistry from the Universität Tübingen in Germany, and received post-doctoral training in Dr. Christopher Hunter's lab at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a 1997 graduate of the Marine Biological Laboratories course "Biology of Parasitism: Modern Approaches."