Photo credit: Eric Becker/PATH

Efficiently moving a health intervention from development to use requires strategic collaboration.

For a new vaccine, the road to introduction in developing countries could be complex, long, and for the most part, uncharted. Moving a vaccine along that road requires collaboration among manufacturers, international organizations, national authorities, and various expert bodies.

We have worked with public and private organizations involved in the global health process to create a roadmap for the introduction of vaccines and other new interventions in developing countries.

This roadmap—or policy pathway—is meant to allow for the most efficient movement of a product from development to national decision-making and use. Our work with partners has aimed to accomplish the following:

  • Define areas along the pathway that could be streamlined.
  • Identify actions within and among organizations that could be executed in parallel to speed the process.
  • Define roles and accountabilities of different organizations along the pathway.

A critical part of the policy pathway is defining the data that key global institutions will need to take a policy decision.