Photo credit: Mike Wang/PATH

Generating reliable data for decision-making is critical to our efforts.

Understanding the immune responses to malaria vaccines that contribute to protective immunity is key to accelerating vaccine development.

For this reason, continued investment in immunological assays, challenge models, and other evaluation technologies that can help to clarify protective immune responses in people remains a critical need.  

MVI has previously invested in establishing reference and service laboratories and has supported new evaluation tools that are meant to help in the following key areas:  

  • Developing and optimizing new assays and animal models
  • Using systems biology approaches to delve deeper into elucidating the immune response
  • Exploring alternative methods in human challenge models 

The goal of these activities is to ensure generation of reliable data for decision-making. Continued development of effective evaluation technologies, which is essential for MVI to execute its strategy successfully, supports both preclinical and clinical projects.