Published date: 
Tuesday, 17 October, 2017
Eldering M, Bompard A, Miura K, Stone W, Morlais I, et al.

While A. stephensi mosquitoes are primarily used in standard membrane feeding assay (SMFA) testing of vaccine concepts, A. gambiae mosquitoes are a common malaria vector in sub-Saharan Africa. This article, published in Parasites & Vectors, compares SMFA estimates of transmission-reducing activity for A. stephensi and A. gambiae mosquitoes using human serum and monoclonal pre-fertilization (anti-Pfs48/45) and post-fertilization (anti-Pfs25) antibodies known to effectively inhibit sporogony. The findings support the use of A. stephensi rather than A. gambiae mosquitoes in SMFA target prioritization.