Saturday, 30 November, 2013
World Health Organization

This publication represents the result of a review process facilitated by the World Health Organization (WHO), which worked with the Malaria Vaccine Funders Group to update the vision and strategic goals of the Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap. Originally launched at the 2006 WHO Global Vaccine Research Forum and supported by the Funders Group, the Roadmap forms a strategic framework that underpins the activities of the global malaria vaccine research and development (R&D) community. 

This update responds to the recognition that the malaria epidemiological and control status has changed markedly since 2006 when the Roadmap was originally launched. For instance, substantial changes in malaria epidemiology are now being observed in many settings following a reduction in malaria transmission, which has occurred in association with the scale-up of malaria control measures. The reduction in malaria transmission is associated with a shift in the peak age of clinical malaria to older children, as well as an increase in the median age of malaria-related hospitalization in some settings.

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