Photo credit: PATH

Partnerships are key to our efforts in the advocacy arena.

Awareness of malaria as a threat to global health is at an all-time high, and investments in malaria control appear to be on the increase. Yet, there is still a tendency within the larger donor community to focus support on existing interventions and to direct less attention to research and development of new technologies, including malaria vaccines. To address this challenge, MVI seeks to educate policymakers about the importance of investments to develop and make available malaria vaccines and to help facilitate their approval and use. Our approach has involved activities at the national and international levels.
Partnerships are key to MVI’s efforts in the global advocacy arena. We work with existing networks and coalitions as well as with other PATH programs, particularly those engaged in development of other vaccines and in malaria prevention and control.
MVI also works closely with partners to ensure that our activities respond to the needs of specific communities and countries. As part of this effort, MVI implemented the Malaria Vaccine Advocacy Fellowship program for nine years, thanks to the support of the ExxonMobil Foundation. The Fellowship program sought to strengthen the capacity of malaria scientists and clinicians to bridge between and among the worlds of science, policy, and the interested public.